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It is a well-known fact that your email database for marketing erodes by 22.5% annually. The primary reason for this erosion is the fact that the majority of these contacts change their email address as they move from one company to another. Some use their old email addresses while filling up the web form, while some choose to opt-out from your email communication list. All of these factors erode your database and hence the number of active and valid database decreases each year. Now, this can be a reason for worry for all those who use email marketing as their primary marketing channel. A crisis can occur at any moment. So as a part of a successful marketing plan, you must keep adding fresh data to your email database. This provides you with the flexibility of tweaking your campaigns to produce the desired results. For all those who are not aware of what an email database is and its importance. It is a set of email addresses that you create through lead-generation campaigns by appealing to your probable customers. An email database is a potent marketing tool and is widely used by many companies to run their promotion campaigns. It also provides a greater outreach as you can connect with many customers with a click of your mouse.

5 Useful Tips On How To Grow Your Email Database
5 Useful Tips On How To Grow Your Email Database

Ways On How To Build Your Email Database

  • You should be able to create remarkable and engaging email content. This will force your potential buyers to remain subscribed to your network. If your content is good and adds value, then you will have your contacts waiting to receive an email from you.
  • By creating social share and forward buttons on your email will enable your existing subscribers to share them with their friends and colleagues. This will provide you with access to their community which you can use for your benefit. Also, ensure that your email has an easy opt-in process which is user-friendly.
  • As per your marketing requirement create many different subscription lists. Then use these lists to target different specific segment. This will increase your chances of email database subscription as subscribers have the likelihood of reading those that either interests them or is of use to them.
  • If you think you have an old email database that may not be of use any more, still it can be a blessing in disguise. Create engaging content and send it out to the decayed email list asking them to re-opt-in. This will freshen up your data and you can then get rid of the ones who never responded and you can churn out active addresses even from a decayed list.
  • Having email signatures with a hyperlink can be a good option. These links will direct them to a landing page where they will have the option to subscribe. This will help you to build on your existing email database.
5 Useful Tips On How To Grow Your Email Database
5 Useful Tips On How To Grow Your Email Database

The Bottom Line

So now you see that even if you think that your email database list has eroded. Still, you do not need to panic. What you need to do is follow the above-mentioned tips and you will be able to again add new addresses to your existing ones. These steps can be used over and over again thus helping you to always have the flow intact.

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