When we talk about advertising, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A television commercial with a famous celebrity featuring in it or a large post with bright big font on your daily newspaper? Even the big billboard ads that look striking, right? Most of us have grown up in a world dominated by advertising and don’t know any better. As the world is gradually moving towards automation and creating online businesses, display ads are slowly becoming popular. You will see countless young faces talking and promoting online money making.

Display advertising is the banner ads that you see when you visit a social media page like in Facebook or LinkedIn. They come in different formats, targeted towards a large audience and usually in the format of 728×90 leaderboards and 300×250 rectangles. They are usually found in either the top space, between paragraphs and at the bottom.

Top 3 Ways To Sell Display Advertising: Here’s What You Should Know

The first and foremost way to sell display ads are via a network or exchange such as the most common Ad sense. If you have been using the internet for even a little while for business purposes, you must have heard about the Google AdSense which is very common but not the only one. How does it work? You have to reach out to a publisher for example Google in this case if you are making a blog, YouTube channel or anything in Google, and share about your content. Both the parties negotiate where Google will let you know their terms and conditions of visitor target etc and pay you for giving ad space.

The other two methods are going through the marketplace such as Buy/Sell ads and many more. And the last but not the least, through a direct sales team that will sell your ad space for you. It is said that in 2013, Google AdSense had about two million publishers that gave it ad space and their total revenue was a whopping seven billion dollar annually. This number though big isn’t sufficient for individual publishers as their monthly earning was around three thousand dollars only.

The Most Common Formats Of Display Advertising

Display advertising comes in different types of formats such as animated banner, IAB filmstrip, V PAID standard, In-app store locator etc. To get a brief idea on these, read below.

Animated Banner – In this sort of banner, you can post advertisements that are fun animations of cartoons and depict a certain brand or company. Usually these are extremely catchy and will capture your audience’s imagination for a few seconds if not more.

IAB Film Strip – These are those kinds of ads that you see on the side as a banner with multiple pictures and words. With these words you can advertise for courses and much educational stuff.

VPAID Standard – In this type of ad, you can see an animation, post or a video that can talk about your product. Usually they are placed in the centre of the website so that it captures the reader’s attention right away and are compelled to click on them.

In-App Store Locator – These ads are most commonly and only aimed at being placed inside an application you download. One cannot skip these ads as they mostly come for unpaid apps and have to see through the whole thing.

Some of the other formats are Pannable image where you can zoom in and out of the particular picture and YouTube video gallery.

How To Earn Through Display Advertising?

Publishers who allow the website to run ads on their content are paid through two different ways. One is CPM or Cost Per Impression where the advertiser will pay for every thousand views of their ad impressions. The second one is CPC or Cost Per Click where the advertiser pays off every time their ads are clicked and viewed by the audience. It is a very common way of earning money and payment in the virtual advertising scene.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Display Advertising

Advantages of display advertising are as follows:

Disadvantages are as follows:

Display Advertising Sizes For You

The display advertising is accurate and most compatible when they are in rectangles of 300×250, 336×280, 728×90 leaderboard. For more sizes like half a page of the site it is 300×600 and for phone screens 320×100.


In summation, display ads are a great source of passive income but not for immediate gratification. They are definitely worth investing in if you have great content that attracts millions of viewers each month. So start finding ways to monetize your website with display ads today.

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