Secret To Increasing Your CPM Revenue Via Video Ads

Higher CPM, or cost per mile, is every advertiser’s objective. Because, as is quite evident, higher CPM means higher revenue generation. And, who wouldn’t love more income! And, when it comes to advertising, videos are gaining rapidly. So, you have got to focus on the video promotions as a marketing expert if you are planning […]

How To Handle Online Advertising Like A Pro Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is continually changing and with it online advertising processes and strategies as well. However, this also means that you need to stay updated and get more creative while creating the ads. People are being bombarded with promotional materials every time he/she goes online. No wonder, we now have ad blindness wherein a person […]

4 Strategies To Maximize Your Ad Earnings From Your Site

Ad revenues from websites are a great way to ensure some passive income. And, if you happen to have a website for a long time now, chances are that you already have one of the display ad plugins integrated and earning revenue from them. And, now that we have completed yet another year, you are […]

Is Your Website Ready To Start Showing Advertisements

We all visit numerous websites on a regular basis. Whether it is for some work or simply while browsing, we all have visited at least a few websites through the day. And, if you have checked carefully, you have probably noticed all the advertisements being shown across these sites? Are they for free? Of course […]

3 Major Advertising Trends Taking The Marketing World By Storm

The world economy is slowly but steadily getting back up from the jolt it received in 2020. And, it changed the world of trade, commerce, marketing, and advertising. We learnt the power of digital marketing, and its importance in keeping the world of trade and commerce functional even in the face of greatest adversity. However, […]

eCPM And Why Website Owners Should Care About It

Marketing is continually changing with new strategies coming up every now and then. But, if there’s something that’s even more confusing, that’s the terminologies and acronyms used in the world of digital marketing. Even as a seasoned marketer it might become difficult for a person to keep track of all the various methods and terms […]

Placement Targeting In Display Advertising To Win Conversions

Is display advertising dead? If not, why are digital marketers not as inclined towards adopting it as they used to? How does the target audience perceive display ads? These are some of the basic questions you are probably facing while taking your call on display advertising strategy. And, quite rightly so!  No, display advertising isn’t […]

2021 Native Advertising Trends That You Must Start Adopting Today

Customers are avoiding advertisements, and businesses from Startups to major brands are today focused on non-intrusive advertisement alternatives. But, the start rise in consumption of digital content also means that you are striving to make yourself seen by the audience that has an ever shortening attention span. What you need is something striking! Something that […]

The Big Difference Between Native Ads And Display Ads

There is no escaping advertisement. Gone are the days when small businesses could imagine staying out of the digital advertising foray and rely on other means of promotion. Today every single business is busy trying to make the most of the digital advertisement options. The reason – digital marketing and advertising has changed forever! And, […]

Native Ads Vs Display Ads What To Choose To Optimize ROI

New website owners that are getting interested about monetization and starting to make money from their content and traffic are often getting confused by the advertising world. And, the big confusion is between native ads and display ads – the two most popular tools in the digital marketing arsenal. While the end objective remains the […]