Chrome 80 Update: How Will It Affect You Push Ads And Earnings?

Chrome 80 Update: How Will It Affect You Push Ads And Earnings?

Chrome 80 Update: How Will It Affect You Push Ads And Earnings?

If you’re a publisher or advertiser, then you probably already know that Google brought a new Chrome 80 update to the table. But what makes it even more important is a new feature. Google has announced that it’s planning to block the push notification subscription pop-ups for some websites.

So, are push notification ads going to be useless? Which websites will get affected by it and what should you do right now.

We’ll answer all of your questions in this article.

So, let’s dig in…

What’s New In The Chrome 80 Update?

Chrome 80 Update: How Will It Affect You Push Ads And Earnings?
Image Credit – Forbes

In the recent update, Google Chrome confirmed that they plan to change the process of push notification ads and subscriptions in a few sites. In other words, Chrome is blocking the box that pops up for permission when the user gets to a website. Instead of that, they’re introducing a bell icon in the address bar.

Here are some things you need to understand about this new update:

  • This won’t affect every website but just a small percentage of the websites.
  • Even when Chrome 80 update is blocking the permission box, users can still manually subscribe if they wish.
  • The update is going to affect both the mobile and desktop version of the websites.

How Does Chrome 8o Update Actually Decide When To Block Push Ads?

So, if this Chrome 80 update isn’t gonna affect all the websites, then how is Google planning to select sites that will be affected by it?

Here’s how Chrome plans to do it:

  • Chrome is planning to block the push notifications of the sites that have quite low opt-in rates. So, if your website has a high subscription rate, you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Also, if any particular user never subscribes to anything and constantly blocked pop-ups in the past, then Chrome won’t show them push notification subscription box. However, since this portion of the traffic was never going to become a subscriber anyway. So, there is no need to worry about it too much.

Should We Really Worry About It?

Chrome 80 Update: How Will It Affect You Push Ads And Earnings?
Image Credit – Daily Express

As publishers and advertisers, both are worried about the new update and how it will affect push notification ads, we have talked to experts about this. And here’s what we get to know:

  • Although we still lack data, the new Chrome 80 update won’t disrupt the whole push ads scene much.
  • We still have no data on what Google means by the low opt-in rates. And chances are that Google is still doing its groundworks to figure that out. So, it’ll not impact your site straight away. However, if your site’s opt-in rate is high, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.
  • Even if the number of new subscribers drops, the good news is that you’ll gain quality ones. So, your revenue per subscriber will skyrocket too.

Right now, publishers are better off investing more in making their sites more valuable to their users. This way, they can not only get more subscribers but they can also increase the opt-in rate.

Ways To Get More Subscriptions

After summing up the whole situation, it’s clear that gaining more subscription is the only effective way to keep the update from disrupting your site. Here are some tips to gain more subscriber:

  • Don’t shoot the user with a push notification right after they get into your site. Instead, wait until the user spends some time on your website and gets familiar with your content. And shoot the notification only after that time or after a certain delay.
  • Always explain what will happen once they are opt-in to your website. Never leave your site visitors in dark.
  • If there is anything your subscriber has to do before using your website, make it clear.