Content Locker: How Can It Help You Monetize Your Website Faster

Content Locker: How Can It Help You Monetize Your Website Faster

Content Locker: How Can It Help You Monetize Your Website Faster

Monetizing your website and gaining a considerable amount of profit takes time. And sometimes, it might take too much time. And even if you’re using push notification and a CPS model to get subscribers to monetize your site, it might take time in that process too. But what if you could speed up that process? Well, with a content locker, now you can do it.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what a content locker is and how it may help you monetize your website faster.

So, let’s dig in…

What Is A Content Locker?

Content Locker: How Can It Help You Monetize Your Website Faster
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Every publisher would definitely like to get more subscribers at a faster rate and increase the opt-in rate. And thanks to the new Google Chrome 80 update, increasing your opt-in rate and subscriber count has become even more important. So, how can you really do that while still using the resources you already have on your website?

That’s where content lockers can really do the magic. A content locker is a special web tool that will help you limit user’s access to a webpage or a tool until they do a certain thing you want. Once the user performs the action you desire, he/she can get the full access to the content or the tools. This way, both you and the web visitor can be happy.

Let us give you an example that will help you understand how you can use a content locker.

Example: Let’s say your website has multiple tutorial videos. And a web visitor stumbles to your website and find the video he/she was looking for. Now, you can use a content locker to blur the place where the video is. And you may ask them to subscribe to watch the video. Once the user subscribes, they will get immediate access to the video. You get a subscriber and get paid as a publisher. It’s a win-win situation.

In short, using content lockers, you can monetize the content you already have on your website faster and more efficiently.

Content You Can Gate

You can gate or lock absolutely any type of file or content you want. What you should lock strictly depends on the type of website you have and how much content you want to lock. Here are some common types of content publishers choose to lock to monetize faster:

  • Images such as celebrity pictures, infographics, images containing special content, or study material.
  • Videos.
  • iFrames or different interactive software or programs.
  • Music and audio files.
  • Text such as a valuable blog post, research documents, research papers, academic paper, research articles, etc.

As you can see, with content lockers, you can lock any type of content you want. And as a publisher, it’s really up to you want action you want the user to take in order to give them access to the content you have locked away.

Why Should You Use Content Locker?

Content Locker: How Can It Help You Monetize Your Website Faster
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Now that you already know what a content locker does, you probably got some idea about how you can use them to monetize your website faster. But there are other benefits that might not seem all that obvious to you right now. Here are some of the reasons why you should start using the content lockers right away:

  • When users come to your website looking for content, they are already motivated to check the content out. For example, if your website has some valuable podcasts that others are looking for, they’ll definitely want them. Therefore, if you lock that content and ask them to subscribe to get access to it, most visitors will happily comply to it. This way, you can get monetize your website faster and generate more profit.
  • Another great thing about using a content locker is that you don’t have to create additional content to use it. With the content lockers, you can use the content you already have in your site and still gain subscribers at a faster rate without much effort from your side. This saves you both your time and effort.
  • Thanks to the content lockers, now you can monetize your website’s content in several different ways. Now, you can monetize all the content you were providing for free before using push notification subscriptions. And according to push notification ads statistics, using content lockers can boost the push subscription 17% on average. Now, that’s something you won’t wanna miss, will you?

Things You Need To Be Careful About

Content Locker: How Can It Help You Monetize Your Website Faster
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Although content lockers come with a lot of amazing benefits, it does pose some challenges too. So, just like any other monetization tool, you must use the content lockers in the right way too in order to rip the most benefit out of it. If you fail to do so, then the whole thing might just backfire on you. That’s why you should understand the implications of using content lockers in different situations. This way, you can stay away from trouble.

Here are some important things you need to keep in your mind while using a content locker:

  • You must always test the right time to ask the user to subscribe or perform some actions. Should you do it before they click on a certain link or after that? Are you really providing all the information about the content you have locked? Did you make sure that your description is compelling enough to prove the value of your content so they can feel motivated to subscribe? Is it the right time? You have to test and identify all the right answers before you finally start using the content locker live on your website.
  • You also need to balance how much of your content you’re locking down and how much you’re giving away for free. Remember, the free content you provide will help you gain audience and their trust. Meanwhile, the content you gate will help you monetize on them. So, giving too much of the free stuff or gating too much might hurt you. So, make sure you maintain a proper balance between them. This way, you can not only gain the visitors’ trust but also pull out more profit.

Are you using any content locker right now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.