Content locker strategy.

Content Locker Strategy: What Content Should You Lock To Monetize Your Traffic Faster?

Content Locker Strategy: What Content Should You Lock To Monetize Your Traffic Faster?

Let’s take this scenario. You love to go to art galleries and there is one art gallery full of amazing portraits that you really love. So, you come to the place every once in a while to see new masterpieces that arrive their daily. But one day, the gallery manager says that you need to subscribe to their newsletter for visiting the new and exclusive paintings. What would you do? Of course, if the pictures of the gallery is good, you would definitely subscribe. A content locker strategy also works the same way for your website.

However, in this case, you will be locking content so your visitors subscribe or take your desired action to access your website. However, each website is different. So, one single content locking strategy might not work for all.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the content locker strategy for different websites and how they can help you monetize your website effectively.

So, let’s dive in…

Blogs And News Websites

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If you’re running a blog or a news website that regularly publishes valuable articles, then the best course of action would be to gate or lock the most valuable content your website has. If you really want to use a content locker effectively, then you can’t go and lock every single content. The key is to maintain a balance between the free stuff and the content you lock.

So, for a blog or news website, you could lock latest news, new research results, exclusive articles, photos, interviews, and many other content with a lot of value.

You can also show the first two paragraph of a latest content and lock the rest away. This way, you can lock your content and monetize your website effectively.

Aggregator Website Content Locker Strategy

This is one of the unique kinds of sites. An aggregator site usually has a lot of customizable features. These features can range from reading preferences, playlists, and many similar collections of things. And forming an effective content locker strategy for these websites is relatively easier than others.

So what can you possibly lock for these kinds of websites?

Simple. You can lock advanced searching features, limits on how many times a user can perform a certain activity before they have to subscribe to your website, and many more. With this content locker strategy, you can always monetize your aggregator website.

Download Website

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This one should be pretty obvious. We go to a website full of downloadable files in order to download what we’re looking for. It can be an ebook, a case-study, and even software. So, the best way to use a content locker for these sites is to lock the premium downloadable content. You can also create an incomplete version of the downloadable content for trial and lock away the complete version.

With this content locker strategy, you can even lock the content of your download website and monetize faster.

Streaming Websites Content Locker Strategy

A streaming website is a platform where you can watch live videos, movies, sporting events, and more. But no matter what your platform streams, as long as it’s good content that people really care for, you can make profit out of it quickly using content lockers.

You can start with giving people 5 minute worth of video and then ask them to sign up or subscribe to watch the rest of it. If it’s something really popular that people wants, then you can even monetize by asking a small monthly subscription fee for that. You can lock the live streams and ask for a small fee for access to them.

This way, using this content locker strategy, you can make the most out of your streaming platform.


If you own a website full of converting tools, then monetization of your website can become even easier with a content locker. The fact is that there are a lot of people out there that use your converting tools every single day. Be it a currency converter, media file converter, or something else, people needs these tools.

And many of them are ready to go the extra mile and pay for them for the convenience of keep using them at their full potential. So, for your type of website, you can keep the basic conversion operations absolutely free. And you can make the complex conversion tools or limit their functionality.

With this content locker strategy, you can make monetization of your website as easy as a pie.

Online Consultancy And Live Chat Platforms

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What can you really lock in an online consultancy and live chat website? Well, since the main feature for those sites is online consultancy and live chat, you can lock this very main feature. You can ask your user to sign up to your website to continue using it. Moreover, you can offer limited access to the features and ask them to subscribe to use all the available features.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to go all aggressive to monetize your platform faster. You can also make them agree to receive notification from you to keep using your website. With this content locker strategy in place, you can go all out and monetize your live chat and consultancy platform faster.

Social Websites Content Locker Strategy

When it comes to social websites, they should have some of the basic features available such as seeing a limited number of posts, checking if someone you know have a account there, or read limited number of content. However, you can lock the rest of the site and make them sign up to use other features.

These locked features may include being require to sign in to add a comment, like a post, or send messages to someone. You can also limit profile viewing capability and lock the rest of the content after a limit.

This way, you can make those people sign up and increase your subscriber numbers.

Educational Websites

An education website don’t just have informational content, but it also has several quizzes, progress tracker, and other interesting features. Therefore, there is a lot of different things you can lock in these websites. You may also give a few educational content for free and lock the others. You can make them accessible if they sign up to your website or subscribe for receiving notification.

But how much content should you really been locking?

The trick is to make sure that they have enough free content that they spend time on your site and crave more. With this strategy, you can effectively use your content locker to monetize your website faster.

Are you using content locker to monetize your website? We would love to hear. Still have questions?

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