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Foreshop Group Is The Newest Microsoft Advertising Partner!

Foreshop Group Is The Newest Microsoft Advertising Partner!

Advertising is one of the most used and most trusted ways for companies to reach out to a lot of people at the same time. The more you get advertised on sites that people trust and are used surfing on, the more people start believing in you. Of course, it requires hard work to achieve this. And we, at Foreshop Group Ltd, are proud to announce that we just became the latest licensed advertising partner of Microsoft.

Being one of the best players in the league, teaming up with Microsoft is like achieving a milestone for any small or big company. 

About Foreshop

ForeShop Holdings Ltd. was founded in 2019 with the aim of making a powerful and positive impact in the digital world. 

ForeShop Group specializes in the establishment and management of digital assets, with a traffic of millions of unique surfers every month.

Owning a digital asset enables to create a side -or main- income that gradually increases from month to month. The digital world is here to stay, as opposed to passing trends. That is why investing in the management of a digital asset is so promising. As such, with the hard and systematic work of over 11 teams and 1,000 employees around the world, ForeShop sets us content sites, generates traffic and converts it into monetary income. All this is done through marketing strategies created after many years of experience and expertise in the digital world.

Since its foundation, Foreshop Group, in collaboration with its clients, is holding and maintaining 900 content websites in different niches, ranging from gardening to horse racing or gluten-free foods.

On each of its websites, the company is systematically and accurately driving a lot of traffic from Microsoft.

The Microsoft Certificate

In January 2021, Foreshop Group received the Microsoft certificate recognizing the company is a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional. This status was proudly achieved through intensive work, no payment or policy issues from Foreshop whatsoever, as well as extensive budgets for more than half a year. It is a recognition of ForeShop’s commitment  to a deeper engagement and investment with Microsoft Advertising. 

This certificate helps to distinguish ForeShop through public recognition and enables our growth through exclusive training, technical, marketing and sales resources. It is also an opportunity to grow our intelligent search and digital business and get recognition for our work with Microsoft Advertising.

Receiving this certificate is a big achievement, attesting of Foreshop’s trustworthiness and skills. We are proud to be a company with important values, a lot of passion, and an infinite thirst for growing, leaning, and improving.