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In this digital age, the focus of every business is lead generation. But just generating leads is not enough as you have a budget to follow. CPL or cost-per-lead is an essential factor that you need to consider when you start with your lead generation process. The most effective way to be successful is to generate high-quality leads with a low CPL. Here in this article, we will be providing some useful tips that you can deploy if you are running into problems with a high CPL for your business.

Ad Review Is A Must For CPL

At times accounts management is the best practice to start off the process. The first step that you should consider is analyzing the performance report of your campaign. Check on the performance of your landing pages and the ad text. If you find that your ad text is performing well, but your landing page isn’t. Then you need to try matching your ad text with a better landing page for optimum performance. Ensure to insert the keywords in your landing pages and your ad text. It will help you to improve on your quality score, which, in turn, will lower your CPL.

Here Is How You Can Reduce Your CPL
Here Is How You Can Reduce Your CPL

Opt For Lower Keyword Bids For Better CPL

It is of no use if you have a high paying CPL that is converting. In this way, you will land up paying twice the more than your budget. It makes to knock down such a keyword and save some money for you by opting for lower bid keywords. The best solution for you would be to search for a sweet spot for your account by testing is different average positions.

Historical Review Is Mandatory

A thorough review is always the best way to analyze what is working and what is not. Drill down to high CPL ad groups, keywords and the problem areas of high CPL campaigns. There are a lot of areas that you may discover that is pushing your CPL through the roof. As a result of stiff competition, it might be that keywords that were converting on low CPL aren’t converting anymore. It could also be that changes to your campaign have affected your quality score, and as a result, you are paying higher for your bids.

Here Is How You Can Reduce Your CPL
Here Is How You Can Reduce Your CPL

Network Performance

Checking the performance of your campaign by the network is always advisable. Opt-out of search partners that have not been performing well as it will never be a good idea to keep up with them.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is always an excellent option to market products to your existing base at lower costs. This is one such campaign that will lower your CPL to a great extent.

Try To Add Negatives

You can cut out on your unqualified traffic and increase your qualified traffic by adding negative keywords. Conduct an annual audit to check if you aren’t blocking any qualified traffic. It is an important check, especially if you are taking over an account from some other user.

As you can see that CPL plays a crucial role to determine the fate of your ad campaign, hence opting for a professional to do the job for you is a strong recommendation. At Foremedia, we can help you out with all your ad and media requirement at affordable costs. Visit

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