Combining monetization ad formats.

How To Combine Monetization Ad Formats Like A Pro And Make Money

How To Combine Monetization Ad Formats Like A Pro And Make Money

Owning a website or similar publishing platform is equal to running a grocery business. You’ll find hundreds of thousands of different products, but you have to carefully select a specific range of products that will attract most people and maximize your profit. As a website owner or publisher, you’ll find yourself in a similar position. However, instead of grocery items, you have to carefully choose the right monetization advertisement formats to add to your websites.

This way, you’ll not only keep your site visitors happy but you’ll also make the most profit out of your publishing platform. And although you won’t have to choose from hundreds of ad formats, making the right decision is far from easy.

But we’re here to help you out with this.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you should combine multiple monetization ad formats. We’ll also discuss how you can combine those ad formats like a pro and make the most money out of your websites.

So, let’s dive in…

Why Should You Try Combining Monetization Advertisement Formats?

Just like the grocery items from our grocery store example above, different ad formats are different kinds of items that can potentially bring you revenue whenever someone visits your website. And each of those ad formats can work together to make sure you earn more profit.

Many website owners and publishers limit them to one specific type of ad format. And this significantly reduces the amount of revenue they earn from their website or web traffic. Sure, just like some specialized stores, this tactic might work for a few websites. But it doesn’t work for most websites.

Moreover, showing your website visitors one type of ad over and over might produce user fatigue and make them irritated. Therefore, by combining multiple advertisement formats, you can not only make more money and maintain good user experience.

How Can You Combine Advertisement Formats

Nowadays, you need to be crafty while combining multiple ad formats. You need to combine them and place them on your website in a way to will create a smooth user experience. Otherwise, you might scare your visitors away.

Here are some tips to combine ad formats according to the type and size or popularity of your website.

Combining Ads According To The Website Size

combining monetization ad formats according to the size of websites.

The right combination of the monetization advertisement formats depends on the size of your website and how popular it is. Below, we have discussed what ad combination is the right choice for your website according to its audience size.

Here we go…

Small Websites

Publishers of the owners of these kinds of websites are still trying to grow their daily reach and get more visitors. Right now, the main focus should be on increasing the overall organic traffic and not on the advertisement.

At this stage, the website owner may try the push notification ads to monetize on their current web traffic. At Foremedia, we offer a streamlined push notification ad format that will help you monetize your website without distracting your site visitors.

Remember, don’t use pop ads on your website at this stage. Stick to push notification and display ad format to maximize your revenue at this stage.

Medium Websites

If your website is medium in size or popularity, then you can use a combination of push notification and pop ads to monetize your website. The pop ads will help you earn a profit even if the visitors leave the website. Meanwhile, the push notification ads will make you profit while increasing your organic traffic. And this works best if you especially use CPS or cost-per-subscription model.

Be careful to not use pop ads on your homepage though. Search engines such as Google and Bing don’t favor this and it’ll drastically reduce the user experience of the first-time web visitors.

Large Websites

Those who have large websites that quite established or recognized can use any type of ad combination depending on their audience. Such publishing platforms can use the right blend of push notifications, display ads, native and pop ads.

Also, when you’re using native or display ads, you can customize them in many different ways, whichever suits your site best. If you need any help regarding this, our dedicated support manager is available 24×7 to help you out.

Combining Ads According To The Website Type

You can also combine advertisement formats according to your website type. Generally, we can divide the websites into two distinct categories. These are informative platforms like news and blogging sites and interactive sites like all other downloaders, converters, and other sites that perform a certain type of task.

Let’s see how you can combine formats depending on the website type…

News And Blogs

People come to these kinds of websites to gain more information about the things they either need or care for. So, you should use those ad formats that won’t hit your readers aggressively such as native ads and push notifications.

Moreover, it’s better if you don’t use pop ads on these websites. This ad format is just too distracting and can drastically reduce the overall user experience.

Converters, Downloaders, And Other Interactive Sites

If you have these kinds of websites, then you can use aggressively use multiple ad formats. You can use a proper combination of push notifications, display ads, and pop ads to maximize your profit from your web traffic. Also, you can use content locker features that would require the user to perform a certain task before getting access to your websites’ tools.

Additional Things You Could Consider To Include

Just using different ad formats on your website is good, but you can make those ads perform a lot better by adding a few add-ons to your website. And this, in turn, can potentially increase your overall profit. Some of those additional services are:

  • Push Services: Push services are a great way to push valuable content to your web visitors’ newsfeed. 
  • Content Locker: Just like we have mentioned previously, a content locker is an additional feature that locks away the web tools your site offers unless the audience performs one or two easy tasks such as clicking on something. It’s a great feature to turn the web visitors into your subscribers.
  • Play With Delay: An additional feature that delays showing the pops up or ads instead of throwing them at the web visitor right away.     Many website owners have reported that this feature actually increased their websites’ user experience while maximizing the profit through ad monetization.

Monetization Mistakes Every Publisher Must Avoid

Monetization mistakes to avoid
Image Credit – Jobsoid

While using a combination of advertisement format is a great way to monetize your website, there are a few things you must avoid doing at all costs. These are:

  • Push notification is a revolutionary ad format that any website can use for monetization of their web traffic regardless of their website size or type. But you have to set the right delivery frequency to achieve that. Setting a wrong delivery frequency can mess things up and reduce your earning. If you’re having trouble getting the right delivery frequency, then contact your customer support team here.
  • If you add too many ads on a single web page, you might accidentally make your site look spammy. And this will scare off the visitors.
  • While native ads are a good way to monetize your website, you must limit the number of ads per webpage. Some publishers use a bigger window to place more ads which reduces the user experience significantly.

In The End: Start Monetization Of Your Website

No matter what size and type your website is, you can combine different monetization advertisement formats to boost your site’s user experience and gain higher profits. So, decide what kind of website you have and choose the right combination of ads according to the size of your website.

P.S. – If you’re having trouble figuring out the right combination of ads to monetize your website, then we will assist you to do that. Contact ForeMedia today and start monetizing your website.