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The landing page plays a crucial role in the digital marketing strategy to enhance the traffic inflow. It is basically a separate web page whose sole purpose is for marketing and advertisement. It is the page where one lands after clicking on a link from your email. Or advertisements from Google and social media sites. They are different from typical webpage. The design is for a single goal and cannot explore other related webpages. Due to the singular focus that designs the landing pages, it significantly improves the conversion rate for a brand. The sole purpose of conversion is unique. It acts as a driving force for enhancing traffic and conversion. Google Adwords and other such services promote them too. It can also be the home page of your website that can have a prominent effect.

How To Create An Effective Landing Pages

Before assembling your landing page, it is very important to figure out your aim that can be put together by your landing page. Your page can be to cultivate your email list. Or to promote a new product or service or a deal or discount. After this, it is very important for you to figure out the message that you want to convey and how it can solve someone’s issue. Based on this you may research the keywords that are commonly used while searching for a solution from your customers.

Once the above factors are clear, you can start developing your landing page. You must think about the elements that you can put on the page to make it look more attractive and helpful for the audience. Most of the common landing pages have some crucial elements that must be considered about which we will discuss in the article.

How To Design A Landing Page That Converts
How To Design A Landing Page That Converts

Indispensable Elements Of Landing Page

A Catchy Headline

The headline is the first thing that is noticed by the user. It significantly affects the interest, understanding, and attention of the users. The headline you choose must be compelling enough for the audience that tends them to visit the page at one glance.

Convincing Subheads

The next most crucial element of the landing page that must be given importance is the subheads the follows the heading. The subheads act as the glues that make the visitor stay on your landing page after he/she has visited the page due to the catchy headline. Your subhead must be positioned below the heading, it must contain some elements of expressiveness and it must provide the visitor some information about the page. 

How To Design A Landing Page That Converts
How To Design A Landing Page That Converts


A graphical content, like relevant pictures, plays a vital role in making the visitors stay. As images are processed faster than texts, images can highly affect the visitors to enhance their interest and make them stay. Hence, your page must contain visible and relevant images that can grab the attention of the visitors.

Proper Clarification

The content to be present in your landing page must offer clear information to the visitors. It should be informative yet simple. The audience must understand the information that the page is trying to convey. The explanation can be incorporated with the heading or can be separate. The information that will be present on the page must be beneficial for your audience. 

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