How To Get Most Out Of Your Mobile Traffic?

How To Get Most Out Of Your Mobile Traffic?

How To Get Most Out Of Your Mobile Traffic?

With mobile traffic share surpassing desktop traffic in the 2020, now it’s time to rethink your website monetization strategy to get the most out of your mobile traffic. That’s because the tactic you used to target your desktop traffic might not work well with your mobile audience. So, you need to update the way you monetize your website.

In this article, we’re going to explain why display ads are obsolete for targeting mobile traffic and what you should do instead.

So, let’s dive in…

Problems With Display Banner Ads In Mobile Devices

How To Get Most Out Of Your Mobile Traffic?
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As more and more people are using mobile to do their daily internet surfing and buying stuff, no advertiser or publisher can ignore the importance of mobile traffic right now. However, if you’re still using display ads in your website, then this will probably going to scare away your mobile audience.

But why is that? Why is display ads so bad for mobile?

Here are two reasons why traditional display banner ads don’t quite work with the mobile devices:

  • It’s difficult to optimize the display banners for the mobile websites. And the problem becomes worst if your website is still not optimized for mobile.
  • Display banner often come over the actual content of your website out of nowhere in a mobile device. And this makes it hard to navigate through the website. Moreover, most people tend to accidentally hit the display banner even when they don’t intend to. And this seriously annoy people and they might end up leaving your site forever.

Some Obvious Disadvantages Of Display Banner Ads

While the display banner ads are a great option for your desktop traffic to monetize your website, it has some obvious disadvantages when it comes to the mobile traffic. Those are:

  • The call to action in the display ads is quite difficult to notice and it usually lost within the ad creative.
  • Display ads cause accidental clicks in mobile devices. And this cost advertisers money. Plus, this irritates your website visitor and they might never comeback again.
  • You also need to optimize your single banner ads on your website in order to make them visible to your web visitor. And this takes too much of your precious time.

All of these factors make the banner ads a huge pain in the ass. That’s why if most of your websites’ traffic is coming from the mobile devices, then you would be better off not using the display banner ads.

The Best Ad Formats For Mobile Traffic

How To Get Most Out Of Your Mobile Traffic?
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By now, you already know why display banner ads are bad for your mobile audience. In simpler terms, it hurts you more in the long term compared to the profit it actually generates for you.

So, what other options do we have to use if we should just ignore the display ads?

Thanks to the recent advancements in the digital marketing, a lot of different ad formats came into existence to better serve the audience which includes the mobile traffic. Below are some of the effective ad formats that you should use to monetize your website:

Native Ads: Perfect Ad Format For Mobile Traffic

Native ads are a special type of ad format that blends itself with the original content of the webpage. So, it wouldn’t be too obvious for the user that it is a promotional ad campaign and thus it receives a lot of clicks. The subject or topic of the native ads usually stay sane as the niche of the website, so readers won’t mind much to click on them either.

As the native ads seem like a part of the website, it blends perfectly with the website even in the mobile devices. Plus, it moves as you scroll up and down just like a part of the website. So, it would not overlap any of the actual content of the web page. So, chances of getting accidental clicks are quite low too.

Push Ads

How To Get Most Out Of Your Mobile Traffic?
Image Credit – XDA Developers

Push ads are another special kind of revolutionary ad format that is quite new to the digital marketing industry. But thanks to it’s mobile-friendliness, push ads have become amazingly popular in the recent years.

When the user receives a push notification ads, it shows up on their mobile screen just like an app notification from the top bar of the mobile. Therefore, the push ads practically take no mobile space and are perfect for showing ads to your mobile traffic.

Therefore, if you want to target mobile traffic and earn profit from them, then use push notification ads in your mobile and you’ll continue to gain profit from the subscribers you have using the CPS model. Monetizing your mobile traffic has never been easier.

Pop Ads

Pop ads are another mobile-friendly ad format that pops up and shows a full-screen ad whenever you click on the website or perform a certain action. Since pop ads cover the total screen and the user can get out of the ad as they wish, these ads have been a go-to monetization tool for many publishers.

When not activated these ads won’t even appear in the screen which gives the user a smooth reading experience. Once triggered, these ads will cover the whole screen that immediately catches the users’ attention. Moreover, accidental clicks doesn’t occur with pop ads.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a perfect monetization tool, use pop ads instead of the display ones.

In Conclusion: Make The Most Out Of Your Mobile Traffic

Now, you know why display ads are bad for your mobile traffic and how you can make the most out of them using other mobile-friendly ad formats. Remember the tips from the article and select the best ad format for your website. This way, you can make most profit out of your mobile traffic.

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