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Getting started with affiliate marketing.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

Every year, the affiliate marketing industry generates billions of dollars in revenue. That’s because a lot of different companies work alongside the affiliate marketers to promote their product and grow their brands. And for this very reason, many new affiliate marketers join the industry with big dreams. But the reality is not as sunshine and rainbow as the experts make it look using their expertise.

That’s why we’re here to help you.

In this article, we’ll share some valuable tips and information that will help you kickstart your marketing journey easier. We’ll also share some of the easiest industry and verticals to start with to break into the market easily. We’ll also help you choose the best offers as an affiliate marketer so you can take your career forward.

So, let’s dive in…

The Top Four Things You Should Consider To Get A Better Affiliate Marketing Offer

If you want to succeed as an affiliate, then you must learn to identify the best offers and which company or brand to really work with. According to our experts, you should learn to do it even before considering getting into a certain industry.

Here are the top four things you must consider before choosing an offer as an affiliate…

Easy Conversions

Affiliate Marketing offer: easy conversions.
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When you’re a beginner and just entering the industry, you must look for offers that have products that are relatively easier to convert than others. In turn, this will help you get an early breakthrough and understand the affiliate marketing world. The trick is to not set the bar too high at first.

You can try normal lead generation offers at first when you just enter the market. These offers convert far more easily than others. And then, once you gain some experience and sharpen your skills, you can try out bigger offers that are tough to convert but has sky-high reward if you do.

Tier-3 Countries

As an affiliate marketer, you also have to consider which tier the country is that you’re looking to target. Affiliates usually divide the countries into a few different tiers. The tier-1 countries consist of developed countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, etc. On the other hand, developing countries like India, Mexico, Philippines, and others belong to either tier-2 or tier-3 countries.

As a beginner affiliate marketer, you should concentrate on targeting the tier-3 countries. Not only their conversion rate is pretty high, but they also cost way less money to run  affiliate campaigns. So, you’ll have more room to test different concepts and still make a decent profit.

Smooth Communication With Account Manager

Affiliate Marketing: Smooth communication
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All the affiliate marketers that join ForeMedia have a dedicated account manager who can help you set up the right campaign and target the right audience. And that’s why you should definitely think about the advice they provide you with and then reason it yourself.

As our dedicated account managers have a lot of past experience of running or supervising the ad and affiliate campaigns, they can definitely help you set up the correct campaign to help you succeed. Although the master affiliate marketers already have enough skill to pass this option, beginners should definitely take advantage of this.

Research Your Competitors

No matter whether you’re a beginner or a master affiliate marketer, there is one thing you can’t skip on if you really want to be successful in this industry. And that is competitor research. If you’re just starting out, then watching what your competitors are doing and learning from them is a great way to set yourself to the road to success.

You can use the spy tools available in the market to see what your competitors are doing right. You can be inspired by their campaigns and design the same types of campaigns to get better results. But remember, don’t just go and copy someone’s campaign. That’s a big no. Instead, check what they’re really doing, learn from it, and act accordingly.

The Easiest Industries To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Best affiliate marketing industry to start with.
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Affiliate marketers promote products and services from many different industries. But when you just start affiliate marketing, some industries are easier to crack into than others.

Here are some of the easiest industries every beginner should get started with:

  • Dating: If you’re looking for an evergreen industry that is easy to break into, then the dating industry is perfect for you to start your journey as an affiliate. Let’s face it. Everyone needs love and they need it all the time. Plus, this industry is proven to be one of the easiest to convert. Since people really crave for love and connection, it’s relatively easier to make them sign up for paid registration. Moreover, the traffic for dating is cheaper to reach than other industries, you won’t have to worry about running out of campaign budget.
  • App Installs: These offers have a lot of different categories but beginner marketers can successfully start with this as it only requires the customer or the lead to install the app. And this is far more easy to do than other verticals even though the per install payout is on the relatively lower side.
  • Sweepstakes: If you’re new to the affiliate marketing world, then sweepstakes are the perfect verticals for you to start with. These offers usually feature many different products which gives you the freedom to choose the product you’re confident you can successfully convert. And most of the time, all it takes to convert is a simple registration. Experts say that beginners can easily convert traffics with different smartphone or gift card offers so it’s the best and safest way to get into the industry. However, you will be required to create your own pre-lander, so you must master it before turning to sweepstakes.

In The End: Start Affiliate Marketing Today

The affiliate marketing industry is going through constant changes and growing at a rapid rate. So, there’s a lot of room for you if you hone your skills the right way and take the right decisions. Use the tips above to select the best offers and right verticals to break into the industry and succeed.

PS: Want to get started with affiliate marketing and get a highly converting audience to maximize your campaign’s ROI? Contact ForeMedia today!