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How To Handle Online Advertising Like A Pro Digital Marketer

How To Handle Online Advertising Like A Pro Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is continually changing and with it online advertising processes and strategies as well. However, this also means that you need to stay updated and get more creative while creating the ads. People are being bombarded with promotional materials every time he/she goes online. No wonder, we now have ad blindness wherein a person does not even require ad blockers to ignore ads! So, how do you ensure that your digital marketing strategy is not getting bombed by these factors? Today you will learn about some smart ways that will allow you to handle advertisements online like a pro and get the most out of the investments.

Adopt CPM Remuneration

One of the primary concerns of any business owner you will come across is how will they know the real cost of their advertisement plans? There are so many options to choose from – paying for clicks, paying for leads, or paying for actions. Which one is the best option for a particular business in the long run? Introduce them to the wonder of CPM.

How does CPM make it better than the rest? While the other options will pay you only if someone clicks on the advertisement or when someone is filling up a lead form or performing some action, CPM (Cost per Mil) will pay you for every 1000 impressions the particular advertisement has. It will monetize your traffic, whether or not they are clicking on the advertisement.

But, why should an advertiser agree to it? Simply because the advertisement is meant for visualizing. Even if a person does not make any immediate purchase or perform any immediate action, it is more likely that the person is going to remember the brand or product and will go back to the advertiser directly. CPM is best for those who are mainly targeting awareness creation. Moreover, since they are paying for every 1000 impressions, it also means that they are only paying to sites that have considerable traffic.

Choosing The Right Ad Format

You will have to select the ad format that works best for advertiser and visitor. Ads should never disrupt the user experience. That’s a sure-shot way of losing visitors. Here are a few tips that should come in handy.

Inform Your Visitors

Believe it or not, when you let your visitors know that just like your articles are helping them and adding value to their life, they viewing your ads on the page allows you to earn without them having to invest anything, and allows you to continue the work, there is a far greater probability that your visitors will not block advertisements. Also, inform them about the use of ad blockers and how it does not allow you to earn any advertisement revenue. It will make them tolerant towards the ads.

Don’t Compromise On Experience

Now, it is your duty to ensure the ads are not creating a negative experience for your viewers. Don’t overcrowd your site with ads. Place them sensibly so that a person can enjoy the content without having to block ads. Our recommendation is no more than about two or three formats of ads in a page. Focus on layout as well and place them smartly.

Go Responsive

More people are accessing the internet via mobile. So, you have to consider getting a responsive design. It must adapt to the screen of the device.

Advertising is a great way to ensure that your website gives you monetary benefit without having to sell anything. Use it the smart way so as to optimize your revenue from the traffic.