How To Place Video Ads On Your Website Easily?

How To Place Video Ads On Your Website Easily?

The video advertisement maker can be a very powerful tool; you have to understand that the monetization part of this whole process is even better. Video ads are one of the top ways in which you can enhance your conversion and generate more revenue for your website. Although, it is true that posting video ads on your website is not as easy as posting a few YouTube links on your webpages. Read more to know how you can get AdSense videos on your website in an easy and efficient manner.

To ensure that you get the maximum benefits out of the videos on your website you have to lay a solid foundation for the website. These are some simple steps that you can use to increase your revenue and also get some insights from all the video ads that you post on your website.

  1. You have to sign up for a good video ad network

This is an important step and this is the first step that you need to take. You can place your own videos as ads on your own website. But, if you want to earn revenue then this depends on the variety and the quality of the ads that you are posting. Signing up to a video ad network is an easy way to ensure that you always have a stable pipeline of ads that you can display. There are some networks like Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) that help you place the das easily and also allow you to get better prices for the ads. Also, keep a note that you can sign up for more than a single network if you wish to. You can, for example, sign up for ForeMedia.

  1. Set Up The Ad Manager To Track The Ads

Ad Managers like DoubleClick for Publishers allow you to place your ads in an organized manner and also allow spaces so that people can view the ads easily. You can create ad tags, set up the ad buying, and also track which of the ads are being viewed more. Most importantly, you can display good quality ads that will help you get more revenue from your website.

  1. Ensure That You Have The Correct Video Player

On the technical aspect of your website, you have to make sure that your website is able to handle the ads that you are planning to display. If you are planning to use the services that are offered by Google then you must know that they allow only some kinds of video and formats (which is mostly medium and large rectangular shaped ones) for the display ads and the sizes of the videos are also limited which are included on their guides for displaying ads on your website. For the ads that are being displayed in your embedded videos, you have to ensure that you can easily integrate the pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads so that things become easier for you.

  1. Set Up The Pages According To The Video Ad Display

Once you are sure that you have all the infrastructure that you need, then you have to integrate the setup services with your website. The first step is to set your ad unit on the Ad Manager of Google so that you can display the text and image ads or only the image ads if that is what you want. Then, you will see that the ads are appearing on the pages that you have permitted and the locations that you have chosen. Ensure that all your video players and the display areas are working in the correct manner after you add the right Javascripts and the tags in the back end so that the ads can start working properly and you can check their performance. 

  1. Choose The Correct Videos For The Ads

Along with the display ads, you can also choose to add some ads in the videos that have been embedded in your website. This will give you some added place for revenue generation. Although, if you simply place the pre and post-roll ads you will not make any revenue at all. The tip is to find the videos that have the largest audience and are very popular so that you can get more people to see the ads that you are putting up. In a similar way, if you put the ads on videos that are going viral or are interesting and can catch the attention of the viewers- there is a chance that you will generate more revenue o for every play in these kinds of videos.

  1. Track Your Performance

Once you are started, you have to track the performance of the ads that you are displaying so that you can get the maximum out of the webpages on your website. You have to keep a check on the viewership, engagement, click-through rates, and the ads that are performing well. Also, you need to keep tabs on which spots and which videos are getting the best results so that you can make the changes accordingly. This will help you offer better things to your advertisers and also it will attract more advertisers to your website as they will find it more appealing.


Getting started with video ads can be quite a time consuming task but we ensure you that it will be worth every minute that you spend on it. With the growing demand and popularity, video ads are becoming an essential part of the website and these are great to expand the monetizing capabilities of your website. 

How Can You Add The Ads To Your Website Easily Using AdSense?

There are three easy steps in which you can ad display ads to your website with Google AdSense:

  1. Ensure Compliance With The Policy

To publish ads with AdSense, you need to adhere to the strict policies of the platform. There are also some video related policies like the type of media player, methods of ad serving, and the video format guidelines that you have to follow.

  1. Integrate The AdSense Code

You have to add the AdSense code to your website so Google can keep tabs on the ads regarding the viewership and who is clicking on the ads. If you use WordPress, then you can add it to your website with the help of a plugin. 

  1. Apply For The AdSense Network

Once everything is set up and you have integrated the AdSense code with your website, you need to apply for the AdSense Network to check if you qualify for it. You must understand that this is not easy and you may get rejected the first time. Google will notify you if that is the case.

If you get selected, then you will be able to display video ads on your website and you will earn money every time someone clicks on the ads!