Maximize The ROI Of Your Affiliate Campaign: Target These Three Important Things

Maximize The ROI Of Your Affiliate Campaign: Target These Three Important Things

When you enter the affiliate world, you will be face-to-face with a lot of different terms and marketing jargon. And those things might actually make you lose your concentration from the most important things of affiliate marketing: scarcity, urgency, and exclusivity. Therefore, in order to be successful in any affiliate marketing campaign, you need to master using those three element.

In this article, we are going to reveal more about what these three elements are and why they’re so important for your next affiliate marketing campaign.

So, let’s dive in…

Scarcity: The Most Used Element Of A Successful Affiliate Campaign

Maximize The ROI Of Your Affiliate Campaign: Target These Three Important Things
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Getting the final conversion done is the life-blood of all the affiliate marketers. But how can possibly make the people who are viewing your affiliate campaign buy the service or the product you’re promoting? Well, that where scarcity might be of help.

Scarcity in the marketing world is basically promoting a product to have limited stock. So, they would need to act fast if they want to get a hold on it. Otherwise, they might never be able to get the same product or service they are seeing right now. Or in simpler words, the fewer a particular item is available to sale, the more people want it.

However, you must remember that for scarcity to work, you need to make it absolutely clear or make your leads perceive that the product is quickly disappearing and will be out-of-stock fast. That’s when the fear of missing out will kick in and people will want to buy the product even more.


When you try to create urgency with your affiliate campaign, you make it look like that the user need to take action right away to get the best deals. But if that’s the case, then how a urgency campaign is different from a scarcity campaign?

The distinction is quite simple. While the scarcity campaign uses the idea of low stock to make the lead buy, the urgency campaign gives away a great offer with a deadline. If the viewer doesn’t act within that specific time, they won’t be able to get the deal you’re offering. And the deal can be anything from a discount to a giveaway.

This creates a special type of fear of missing out or urgency. As a result, taking up your limited deal would seem less risky to the interested person that going out and search the web for better deals.


Maximize The ROI Of Your Affiliate Campaign: Target These Three Important Things
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Every single person want to feel special such as something is available exclusively to them. In other words, when something in particular is exclusive, that means only a small specifically selected group of people will have access to it. And the people you will be targeting with your next affiliate marketing campaign are the same. They also want to feel special.

As a result, this feeling of being along a select few will make the person or your potential customer feel lucky. But how can you possibly pull it off?

You can make the ad promotion look like a very specific group of people can access to your offer. And this will of course be the whole audience you’re targeting. You can also create a wait list or promote a pre-launch exclusive sales campaign. Or use push ads for sending “only you” offer directly to your audience. This way, you can make your audience feel special and make them buy.

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