Higher CPM, or cost per mile, is every advertiser’s objective. Because, as is quite evident, higher CPM means higher revenue generation. And, who wouldn’t love more income! And, when it comes to advertising, videos are gaining rapidly. So, you have got to focus on the video promotions as a marketing expert if you are planning on increasing your CPM. 

Consumers are getting more conscious about advertisements, and it has become common for them to skim over visual and text based advertisements without registering anything in their mind. They don’t even need ad blockers anymore! The ad blindness makes it even more difficult for advertisers to generate revenue. But, that’s not really the case with video ads. At a time when target audiences are interacting less with text and graphics based ads, there has been a sharp increase in video ad consumption, giving video the mileage to stay ahead in the race! 

Types Of Video Ads

Before we delve any deeper into how to increase the CPM, you need to understand the options that you are dealing with. There are broadly two types of video ads that you will come across – instream and outstream. 

Instream ads are the ones that are played within another video content. It can be pre-roll promotion wherein the ad is played at the beginning of another video, or within the video, and even at the end of it. In recent times video ads have become extremely common all across Facebook, the social media giant. Pre-roll ads are also quite popular on YouTube. If you do not happen to be a premium member of the video sharing platform, you have definitely come across the ads that roll right before the video starts. In case of extremely long videos, you will also find advertisements being shown between it. And, there are the ones that are shown at the end as well. 

Outstream video ads are the ones that are embedded in non-video environments. Have you noticed video ads playing between blogs? That’s an example of an outstream video ad. The best part about them is that they will keep playing whenever it comes into the viewable area of the screen, but will not generate any sound unless the user interacts with it. 

How Video Ads Can Increase CPM

Videos are gaining popularity across the world. People are watching more videos than they are reading texts on the web. And, then there are the factors of the ad blindness. However, it simply does not affect the video ads. Your ad will roll for a minimum time period for sure and the viewer gets to watch it. So, every company is trying to maximize the video promotion budget. It also allows them to get across more information to the audience within a short time-span without making them fatigued of the advertisement. 

As a website owner, these videos will also ensure that your page looks more attractive and appealing. It will break the monotony that long paragraphs of texts create. Thus, you get direct benefit in the form of improved CPM.

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