Using shocking content

Shocking Content: Should You Use It Or Not For Your Next Ad Campaign?

Shocking Content: Should You Use It Or Not For Your Next Ad Campaign?

It’s no secret that it’s human nature to make their decisions driven with emotions. And after they have made their decision, they try to justify it using logic. That’s just who we are. Therefore, if your next ad campaign can somehow tap into these emotions of your audience all of a sudden, it will definitely attract their attention. And to do that you need shocking content.

But what is it? And should you really even use it for your next ad campaign? In this article, we’re going to discover just that.

So, let’s dive in.

What Is Shocking Content And Shock Advertising?

The shocking advertisement is a special type of advertising that uses shocking content such as blunt and startling content or images that attracts the visitors’ attention to it. Historically, expert advertisers skillfully used these type of content to stand out from the rest of the pack. in those ads, they often used social matters, human or animal right violations, and other sensitive content.

Shocking content and advertisemet
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Today, affiliate marketers use a specific version of this kind of advertising to catch the potential leads’ attention. And why not? After all, according to research, shocking or surprising content has a powerful impact on consumer behavior. Moreover, they are a lot easier to remember than the same dull content.

So, if you have the guts to hit your target audiences’ emotion at a deeper level, shock advertising is the way to go.

Why Are These Type Of Content Attracts Us?

Okay, so it’s clear now that what shock advertising is and it affects people at an emotional level. And his makes these ads stand out from others.

But why are the shocking content so addictive and why does it attract us so much towards it?

Well, the answer is our fear response. From the pre-historic times, we humans have developed fear response as a part of our essential safety mechanism. And thanks to it, we are able to act quickly whenever we’re in some sort of danger. But the danger is not the only thing that can trigger this response. In fact, shocking contents also have the ability to trigger your fear response, increase the heart rate, and pump adrenaline in your blood.

Using shocking content to attract attention.
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In simpler terms, the shocking advertisement is showing something that the consumer usually doesn’t expect. And this will help you trigger a strong emotion in them without warning. Now, the content doesn’t necessarily have to be all positive. Even if your ads make them feel powerful emotions like fear, curiosity, or even disgust, they will be more memorable than your average ads.

Therefore, that’s what most affiliate marketers would want to accomplish so they can produce a ROI that’s off the chart.

Pros And Cons Of Shocking Content

Using shocking contents in your next ad campaign is not quite the most transparent method. That’s why before you make any final decisions, it’s always worth to compare both the positive and the negative points of this type of content.


  • Insane ROI
  • These ads has the capability to go viral.
  • They’re memorable.


  • High potential bounce rate.
  • It may end up offending the very audience you’re targeting.
  • It may damage your brand image if overused.
  • Not all publishers would like to work with you.

Overall, if you want to attract instant attention of your target audience and hit the home run, this is a great advertisement strategy. However, since it’s risky to use regularly, you better use it as your short-term strategy.