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Content sharing in social media now plays a significant role in the circulation of your brand’s content on the internet. It will positively affect in the growth of your brand and build awareness among the users. The main motive of social media marketing is that your brand awareness is built to such an extent that all the users on the internet knows about it. The amount of shares of your content is equally important to the number of people following you. This is the first thing to keep in mind while determining whether the published content is appealing and interesting. According to the statistical data, around 31.22% of online sharing takes place on Facebook. In addition to that, 10.12% of shares are generated by the sum of all other social media platforms.

However, more than social media contents are shared via emails, i.e., 58.98% of total online sharing. If your content is not being shared at your desired rate then not to worry as we have some essential tips that will help you boost your brand’s online share.

Tips That Will Enhance Your Online Shares

Some Smart Tips To Boost Content Sharing
Some Smart Tips To Boost Content Sharing

Checking The Content Display On Your Mobile Phone To Boost Content Sharing

According to reports, it has been seen that in 2016, 36% of web trafficking was generated through smartphones and this percentage will only magnify in the near future due to the increased popularity of smartphones and tablets The site containing the content loads faster and is optimized perfectly, which offers the best condition to encourage sharing. It is also seen that 59% of people leave the site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. Hence, you must be careful in checking the content display of mobile and must upgrade it with time.  

Developing Share Buttons To Boost Content Sharing

Apart from the mobile viewing quality, your site must also have perfectly functioning buttons that help in the modes of interaction for comments and social sharing. There is no need to add multiple buttons for every single action but it is better to keep it simple. Try positioning these buttons on top and bottom that must be visible to your viewers. This will stimulate people to comment on their views on your content and share it on various social media sites.

Giving Viewers Good Reason To Share

It is very important to know the reason why people should share your content before you post them on your site. This often is neglected by several brands that lead to less online sharing of their content. People should feel connected to your content and feel it be worthy enough for a share. Adding some elements toy your content can work wonders like Quizzes attract viewers and aids in enhancing interaction, people like sharing these quizzes to challenge their friends and challenge their intellect. According to reports, it has also been seen that adding images also stimulate sharing. Videos work even better in making people share your content on their social media profiles.

Some Smart Tips To Boost Content Sharing
Some Smart Tips To Boost Content Sharing

Pre-Formatting Content For Social Media

In most instances, it is seen that people generally only read the title and first few lines of the paragraph and decide whether to share it or not. You must make the title and first few sentences attractive to make people continue reading. Your title must be impactful and have some mystery. Even the pictures must look attractive to tempt viewers to share the content on their social media.    

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