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Posting on social media certainly has to be on the to-do list of a start-up business. Social media helps you to reach out to the whole world with your product or services. As a start-up, the primary concern of every business is to build on its customer base. During online searches, the users not only expect to find well-designed websites but also check to see if you have any social media presence. It could be quite a daunting task for a business owner who is looking to use the platform for the first time for their business purpose. While in the process, there are many questions that keep circling in one’s mind. What if you get negative comments, what do you do in such circumstances? Or should you use videos, pictures, or graphics? There is a huge possibility that these questions are bound to confuse you.

But nevertheless, these are important questions for sure. With the correct use of the social media platform, you can expect to create a strong lead funnel for your business which can result in higher conversions. On the contrary, if you are not able to execute your action precisely it may bring disrepute to your business. For all the start-ups, here is our list of the top 5 do’s and the don’ts which you should carefully implement for your benefit

The Top 5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media
The Top 5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media

Do’s Of Social Media

  • It is important that your profile is 100% complete before you start with the first post. Link your website, mark your location, and place a profile picture to make it trustworthy for the users.
  • Ensure that you are active on the platform with regular posts. But what if you are busy or you forget to post on the scheduled day. Do you wait until next week for the next post? The answer is no. Make sure of automated software and schedule your posts so that you never miss one.
  • Customers are educated these days and with the use of search engines and other tools, they are well informed. So it is important that you use relevant content your social media account. This will attract them to your brand and keep them wanting for more.
  • Always ensure that you answer all the queries and questions posted on your account. Never leave them unattended as users do not like to be ignored.
  • Use social media effectively to promote your products and services with banners, ads and other available tools.
The Top 5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media
The Top 5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media

The Don’ts

  • Do not forget to insert the link of your website on the platform. Apart from getting likes, your primary objective should be to drive traffic to the website.
  • Do not get side-tracked if one platform is performing well for you and the other is not. Always keep an equal interest in all your social media accounts.
  • Don’t use only text for your postings. Make use of interesting pictures and graphics to grab the attention of the users.
  • Always remember when in business, you will positive and negative comments. Do not gloss over the negative comments, but look for avenues to improve on them.
  • Never try to force your product or services to your users. Be cordial and lure them with discounts and other promotional offers.

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