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The Ultimate Guide To Push Advertisement: What You Need To Know

The Ultimate Guide To Push Advertisement: What You Need To Know

Push ads, push notification ads, or push advertisement, whatever you name it, this ad format has performed really well for advertisers and affiliate marketers last year. And this trend will follow this year too.

And since the users who receive push ads opt-in to do so, these ads are more user-friendly than most other ad formats. This means, with push notification ads, you have a better chance to reach a highly-engaged audience who are more likely to interact with your ads.

And this is something no advertisers and affiliate marketers would like to miss. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to explain what push ads are and why you should be using them too. We’ll also discuss why this particular ad format performs really well and what are the best verticals for running an ad campaign using push advertisement

So, let’s dive in…

What Are Push Notification Ads?

Push Advertisement in mobile
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Push notification ads are a special kind of native advertisement format that delivers ads to your target mobile or desktop traffic in a way that resembles exactly like push notifications. The difference is that while push notifications are sent by the already installed mobile apps, the push ads are sent by the advertisers and affiliates to promote their products.

As a result, this ad format doesn’t disrupt the audience and sent relevant ads to the right audience which makes the ad campaign successful.

Whenever someone clicks on the ad, the ad format redirects them to the landing page of the product or service you’re trying to sell. Also, only the people who opt to receive push notifications from certain websites receive those ads. This, in turn, make the audience that clicks on the push advertisement more likely to convert than many other ad formats.

So, unless your target audience is using an iOS device, you can reach pretty everyone with a push notification ad.

Benefits Of Push Ads Vs Other Ad Formats

Benefits Of Push Advertisement
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An affiliate marketer and advertiser has to take a lot of things into account including market research, target audience, industry metrics, etc before choosing the right ad format for their next campaign. And according to the stats, most publishers use push notification ads for their website before placing any other type of ads.

But why is that?

That’s because people actually click on those ads. And this is a win-win situation for both affiliate marketers and the publishers.

Let’s see some of the top benefits of push ad format and how it performs compared to other available ad formats…

Push vs Other Ad Formats

  • Again, people can only receive push ads if they have opted-in to do so. So, unless the ads are way too pushy, your target traffic won’t be much annoyed since they’re user-friendly.
  • The system sends these ad formats directly to the user’s device and there is no second layer in between.
  • Push ads are more or less like SMS alert for the mobile users that pop up at the top of the mobile screen. This generally catches the user’s attention and make them engage with the ad.
  • The push format is more or less like a native advertisement format. This is because it gives you the freedom to target people who have subscribed to a website that has a niche relevant to your ads. As a result, you enjoy both a broad pool of audience and precise targeting.
  • Just like the users need to subscribe to receive your ads, they can also unsubscribe any time if they think that your offers are not for them. This helps you weed out the traffic that won’t convert and keeps you from wasting money.
  • The push advertisement has a quite high CTR which helps you retarget the people who are interested in your products with a different ad format and convert them. Thus, it’s a great way to collect user data to make right campaign decisions later on.

Why Push Advertisement Work So Well?

Why push ad formats work so well
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Let’s get real. In this world, consumerism is never going to stop. In fact, it keeps increasing. But the purchase behavior of the consumers is changing with time too. So, affiliates and advertisers have to change the way they target people to get the best results for their affiliate campaigns. As a result, we finally got push ads.

According to a SODP study, a site with 100k monthly unique US-based visitors with a subscribe rate of 4% and a churn rate of 20% can get more than 18k monthly after two push notification ads per user per day.

It shows us that people usually like receiving ads in this ad format. People opt-in to receive push notifications with their own free will because they want to receive them.

So, if you give people the exact thing they want via push ad format, it would be a win-win situation for everyone.

Best Industries For Push Advertisement

To succeed in any affiliate marketing campaign, you have to create a perfect match between the verticals, ad formats, and your target audience. And while push notifications ads work with any industry, there are some industries for which this ad format works relatively well than others.

These industries are:

  • Ecommerce
  • Travel industry
  • Dating
  • Gambling
  • News and entertainment
  • Sweepstakes
  • Finance
  • Mobile apps and games
  • Health and beauty
  • Video streaming

So, if you’re an affiliate marketer who is looking to target any of the above industries, then you should definitely consider using push ad format to engage with your audience without annoying them and get more sales.

In The End: Start Using Push Ad

Since its discovery, push ads have proven to be a revolutionary tool for advertisers and affiliates to promote the products and services effectively and maximize their ROI. Thanks to this ad format’s user-friendly structure, you can target the right traffic without irritating them and instantly catch their attention. Now that you know the benefits of using push ads and the best verticals, it’ll help you make the right ad strategy and earn more profit.