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Instagram is one of the most used social networking sites for digital marketing. Instagram is growing among the marketers for its broad reach and the simplicity on which the social networking site works. However, there has been a lot of fake accounts on Instagram. They have been spamming the comments and flooding hashtags with pornographic and explicit content. These accounts hamper the growth of the genuine accounts because of which Instagram introduced “shadowban” on such accounts. Accounts that bleach the contract of terms and conditions are shadowbanned by Instagram without informing them. They conceal the fake account’s posts from users who don’t follow them that hinder their growth significantly. This fails the hashtag strategies due to which their posts cannot reach a wide audience. Here we will discuss the ways in which you can avoid being shadowbanned by Instagram.

How Can You Avoid Being Shadowbanned by Instagram

Tips On How To Avoid Being Shadowbanned On Instagram
Tips On How To Avoid Being Shadowbanned On Instagram

Do Not Use Banned Hashtags On Instagram

It is very difficult for them to control the millions of accounts and the enormous number of hashtags. However, some of the innocent and effective hashtags are invaded by such fake accounts where they post vulgar contents. Using these hashtags will prevent your content from reaching your desired audience. Hence, you must check on such hashtags before using them, and deleting such hashtags from your older posts can also help. Sometimes, the platform also leaves a message on the hashtags stating that the content does not meet the guidelines.

Stop Buying Followers On Instagram

There have been some of the cheap tricks that some accounts take into consideration in order to enhance their likes, comments or followers. Instagram schedulers are used for posting your content automatically and regularly. There are also some of the automated activities that users take to increase their likes and comments automatically. These activities and software can hamper your Instagram growth as these tricks re not verified by the networking site. Even if an account had signed up for the same can face the consequences. Hence, you must remember not to follow such activities and check if you have ever used such tricks. Logging on to account from a desktop computer will enable you to check.

Tips On How To Avoid Being Shadowbanned On Instagram
Tips On How To Avoid Being Shadowbanned On Instagram

Keeping Away From Big Activity Bumps

There is a rule of Instagram where one cannot exceed a limited number of likes and comments on other posts and following accounts. The limit is decided for different accounts. Exceeding the limit can hamper your account. On an average, there is a limit of 150-200 likes, 50-60 comments, and 50-60 follows in an hour.

Prevent Using Same Hashtags For Too Long

At times, using the same set of hashtags can be a reason for getting shadowbanned. If you are using the same set of hashtags for each and every pot for a long period of time, then it may make Instagram think that you are constantly posting spams. This can lead to making the account shadowbanned. It is advisable to have a number of hashtag sets that you must rotate randomly for your posts.   

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