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Email marketing is still a powerful marketing tool in today’s digital world. For email marketing campaigns to be successful and effective the users must open them. They will prove to be futile if your promotion or campaign mail just sits in their inbox waiting for it to be opened. To increase your email open rate it is vital that you follow the tips carefully and implement them.

Try To Keep Your List As Fresh As Possible To Increase Email Open Rate

Your list must not go stale and remain fresh for your future marketing campaigns. There is a high possibility that the email ID’s of the existing users has changed over a period of time or they may have unsubscribed from your list. Your brand may not interest them anymore. Your list must stay fresh with engaged customers, so ensure to get rid of inactive addresses regularly. Another effective method is to keep checking with your customers once in a while by providing them with updates of your latest activities.

Tips On How You Can Improve Your Email Open Rate
Tips On How You Can Improve Your Email Open Rate

List Segmentation For Enhanced Email Open Rate

It is a known fact that people open emails only if they think it is relevant to them. By segmenting your list, you will increase your email open rate chances. It is important to create tags for the list based on their usage and behaviour pattern. In this way, you can target specific content for a specific set of users and thereby create relevant matter for them.

Try To Avoid The Spam Filters

With advancing technology, the spam filters have also become intelligent over a period of time. Despite this, they still have loopholes which you can bypass to reach the inbox to increase your email open rate. Some of the important factors that you need to consider to ensure that your emails are not flagged as possible spam are:

  • Ensure to maintain a list of opt-in customers
  • Using a reputed IP address is very important which does not have previous spam history
  • Use verified domains to send out your campaign emails
  • Keeping the code clean is vital to increase the email open rate
  • Educate your customers on how they can whitelist your email address
  • Avoid using deceptive lines which may get blocked by the spam filters
Tips On How You Can Improve Your Email Open Rate
Tips On How You Can Improve Your Email Open Rate

Try To Master Your Timing

The sending time of your email matters a lot and affects the email open rates. Try to do an A/B testing to have a clear understanding of which time is best suited, when the chances of your users opening the email are higher. The test will help you determine the best timeframe.

Create A Good Subject Line

The subject line of any email plays a vital role and creates an interest in the user. If the subject line of your email catches the eye of your user, then they will surely click on your email thus increasing the email open rate probability.

Relevant Content Is The Key

Good and relevant content is always the key to any type of marketing campaign. It is important for the email open rate too. If your content is not interesting, then users will not bother to open your email and take a glance at what you are offering them. If your content is good and makes sense to them, then they will wait for your future emails as well.

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