Running ad campaigns during weekends

Top 3 Reasons You Should Run Ad Campaigns During Weekends

Top 3 Reasons You Should Run Ad Campaigns During Weekends

It’s not a secret that running your advertisement campaigns during the right time is crucial to gain more revenue and make the ad successful. And as people usually take their day off during weekends, many advertisers stop running ads during this time. And if you’re one of those advertisers, then you’re missing out on huge opportunities.

That’s because according to our recent data, if you run ad campaigns during the weekends, then you can earn some serious ROI and get more customers than on the weekdays.

But why does that happen?

In this article, we’re going to explain the top three reasons you should consider running ad campaigns during the weekend. So, let’s begin…

Why Should You Consider Running Ad Campaigns During Weekends?

Running ad campaigns during weekends
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Here are the most important reasons to consider running ad campaigns during weekends:

More Traffic

According to the stats of various ad networks, advertisers who run ad campaigns during the weekends experience an average 10% spike of traffic during this time. Even though the exact number of traffic increase varies according to different industries, most industries will experience this increase during this time. 

That’s because in the weekends’ people tend to have more free time. So, they stay online for more time which causes a sudden increase in traffic. And it’s good news for any advertiser.

Less Competition

The fact is that many advertisers pause their ads during the weekends as they also take their day off during this time. As a result, there is a lot less competition to gain customers’ attention during weekends. And this, in turn, results in less ad cost per traffic or click or customer acquisition if you run ads during weekends.

Moreover, this high amount of traffic and less competition create a perfect opportunity to test your new ads or making any changes in the current ads.

More Engagement

Even the slight increase in engagement to your ads(for example, an 1% increase) can drastically increase your average ROI. And yet engagement is what most advertisers struggle to acquire.

But since people have more free time during the weekends, they are more likely than ever to engage with your ads. According to experienced marketers, people will literally interact with your ads because they have nothing else to do that is more interesting during the end of the weeks.

So, if you want your ad campaigns to perform better than ever, you can’t miss out on weekends.

Perfect Verticals To Run Weekend Ad Campaigns

Best verticals for running weekend ad campaigns
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While most industries will benefit from running ad campaigns during weekends, there are a few industries that will rip the most benefits from running ad campaigns during weekends if they target the right audiences.

Some of those industries are:

  • Dating
  • Movies And Streaming
  • Gambling
  • Sweepstakes

The Exceptions You Need To Keep In Mind

While most people are indeed free and online during Saturdays and Sundays, some industries won’t benefit much or at all from running ad campaigns during weekends. Some of those industries are stocks, financial services, and foreign exchange. So, if you are running ads for these industries, it’s better to stay out of running ads during weekends.

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