If you’re a marketer, then you probably know one of the basic rules of advertising. The numbers never lie. And since the inception of digital advertising, we have created many metrics to help us optimize our ads quickly and increase the ROI. And one of the very recent ones of them is viewability metrics.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what viewability metric is and why you should start using them too.

So, let’s begin…

What Is Viewability Metrics?

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The viewability metrics is just what it sounds like. It’s a new set of stats in addition to other stats and data marketers are using. But what truly sets itself apart from just any other metrics or numbers is its ability to show how interested your target audience is in your offer or your landing page.

And it does it using two distinct parameters which are engaged visits and the percentage of engaged visits. Here’s an explanation of what they really is:

When You Must Absolutely Have It?

This specific metrics can be really useful to adjust your ads quicker and generate the best ROI for your ad budget. Here’s when you should definitely use the viewability metrics:

What It Can Tell You?

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The main goal of this specific metric is to figure out how your target audience is reacting to your pre-landers or the landing page. In turn, this will help you understand if the traffic you’re spending your ad budget on really worth it.

And depending on the results you get, there are two main ways you can optimize your campaigns. They are:

What’s The Future Of Viewability Metrics?

Let’s get real. The advertisers are already dealing with tons of different numbers and metrics. So, adding a new metrics on the top of that might seem like too much. After all, it’s just another set of numbers, you might say.

But the new generation of marketers are now understanding the need for such metrics. The viewability metrics are going to be next evolution of the marketing world where it will help you marketers measure the engagement with their ad and landing page right off the bat. This way, what they will be able to refine their ads and pre-landers before its too late.

With being able to run such performance-based ads, marketers can make most out of their marketing budget.

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