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Online reviews play a vital role in driving success for your business. Whether you are monitoring them or not, but be rest assured that your potential customers are reading them. The majority of the internet audits have shown that 79% of the users on the internet ensure to check online reviews before making a purchase from your business. Cutting matter short, positive reviews is a positive tool that drives clients to your business and strengthens the foundation of your business. Many business owners do not pay heed to online reviews or are terrified of receiving negative reviews. But this does not change the fact that when doing business, positive and negative reviews are always going to be an integral part of your business.

Ways On How To Handle Online Reviews
Ways On How To Handle Online Reviews

What Are The Don’ts Of Dealing With Negative Online Reviews

Being Defensive In Online Reviews

It is quite natural to get defensive when you get negative reviews. Remember negative reviews can seem like an attack when you find that complaints are unfounded. But getting defensive and replying in anger is never the appropriate solution to the problem at hand. Being a raging entrepreneur can spiral the problems and turn them into a business nightmare for you. The best solution at this point would be to handle the negative review strategically and logically.

Ways On How To Handle Online Reviews
Ways On How To Handle Online Reviews

Trying To Ignore It

As we have discussed earlier that negative and positive reviews are the part and parcel of doing business. Never make the mistake of ignoring them as this could spell disaster for your business in the times to come. When you start ignoring these negative reviews and do not provide a satisfactory answer and plan of action, customers will start to wonder if you really care. By being unresponsive you are only going to complicate things further.

Getting Into A Battle With The Customers

One of the most important aspects of online reviews is never to get into an online battle with your customers. There will always be high chances of running into a troll even if your reply is polite enough. You will always come across customers who have the habit of only complaining. Whenever you anticipate that an interaction may escalate and transform itself into a name-calling situation. It is always advisable that you re-assure your customers that you are more than happy to provide a solution to their problem. When this happens, it will be easy for the other customers to see that you are being reasonable and co-operative while the troll isn’t.

Never Beg For Positive Reviews To Hide The Negative Ones

It is vital that you don’t beg for positive reviews and try to hide the negative ones. You should allow your customers to naturally gush out their feelings and experience about your business, rather than trying to force them to give you a positive online review. Such reviews will not look or sound genuine which is sure to raise the eyebrows of other customers. Customers of today are smart enough to quickly understand what is happening. A bunch of such reviews will definitely hamper the future prospects of your business.

Online reviews are the best way to monitor the health of your business and give it the direction it needs.

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