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It is very important for your business profile to be liked by your audience. In order to understand the success of your internet campaign, it is important to know about the time spent by your followers on your website. It will give you the proper indication of how they feel about your brand and its website. It is clearly a problem if you get to know what your audience is not spending enough time on your website and is clearly abandoning you. If most of your visitors are abandoning your website then it increases your bounce rate that significantly reduces your conversion rate.

These factors are directly related to your profit and must not be ignored. You can easily check the average amount of time that your visitors are spending on your website by using the Google Analytics tools that can give you the statistics of your present situation. Having said that, here are some of the ways in which you can increase the amount of time that your followers spend on your website.

Tips To Keep Your Visitors Longer On Your Website

Ways To Increase Visitors Time Spent On Your Site
Ways To Increase Visitors Time Spent On Your Site

Organizing Your Design To Increase Time Spent

When a viewer visits your website they take a few seconds to decide whether to stay or leave. Your website must convince visitors to stay for a longer time. This can be achieved simply by clearing up unwanted junks from your website. Keep your website organized and clutter-free so that it looks minimal and user-friendly. Putting up important updates also helps your viewers to invest their time on the website.

Improving Readability To Increase Time Spent

There are many websites that are difficult to read by visitors. In order to avoid this, you must use a proper font with the appropriate size. Try not to make it too small for people to read or too big that will make your viewers scroll unnecessarily. You can also break the articles into several paragraphs, sections or bullet points to make it look more organized and enhance the readability.

Adding Quality Images

Images play a vital role in making the website look more attractive and enhance the engagement rate. People generally prefer looking at the images than reading longs texts to understand the content. It gives a basic idea of your content at first glance. Adding high-quality images in your website has proven to work more successfully than the other websites. There are may royalty-free websites that can provide you with various high-quality images that you can use it on your website.

Ways To Increase Amount Of Time Users Spend On Your Site
Ways To Increase Visitors Time Spent On Your Site

Optimizing And Beautifying The Images

Optimizing your images before putting it on your website is extremely important. Most of the high-quality images have high resolution and pixel density that increases its file size, which can affect the web page’s speed. Optimize your image accordingly to make your website smooth and attractive. You may also edit your own graphics by using various editing tools that are available on the internet. This will make your graphic unique and will bring a customized touch to your website.   

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