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How To Alter Your Content Strategy To Earn More Money Using Display Ads?

How To Alter Your Content Strategy To Earn More Money Using Display Ads?

The content strategy of your brand plays a huge role in the way you earn money with the help of display ads. If the content that you have on your website is very general then you will only have some general ads on the website that will not make much revenue for you. 

Through high-quality niche-specific content, you will attract advertisers who are willing to pay you money to get the best spaces for their engagement needs. 

For the publishers, adjusting the content strategy is a great way to earn money through display ads.

In the information given below, you will understand the different types of content that are very effective and the ways that you can change your content strategy to get the maximum out of your display ads. 

Also, we will help you with ad placement as well so that you can generate more revenue using the ads.

How The Demand Of The Advertisers And The Ad Placement Works?

Ads work on the demand of advertisers in an Ad Network. The Ad Network is a platform that works as a mediator between the advertiser and the publisher. This network curates a repository of the ad inventory that it takes from the publishers so that it can be sold to the advertisers. 

These networks make things simpler for both parties and they can make the transactions in a smooth manner. Now, that digital ads have captured about half of the ad spend in the world, it has become a viable option for both the publishers and the advertisers.

There are numerous ad networks available in the world but all of them have a single goal: to give the advertisers the best quality of ad inventory at great prices.

This essentially means that if the content on your website has commercial content, then these will pay more because the advertisers are ready to pay a higher bid for these kinds of content. 

So, while the publishers are looking to sell their ad inventory at the best prices, the advertisers are looking for premium spaces where they can place their ads and get more engagement. 

Since the ad networks collect data about the impressions from the publishers so that they can sell that to the advertisers. You must know how altering your content strategy can work in your favor in the long run.

The illustration depicts a vibrant scene focused on the concept of content strategy and monetization through display ads. At the center, there is a large glowing lightbulb symbolizing an idea, with a person standing beside it, holding a giant pencil. Surrounding the lightbulb are various digital elements, including screens with web pages, dollar signs, stacks of coins, and charts. The screens show web content and advertisements, emphasizing the integration of display ads. The scene conveys the importance of strategic planning and creativity in altering content strategy to enhance revenue from display ads.

Different Kinds Of Content

The content that you have to choose for your content strategy must have a commercial intent to it. The recipe for getting the right content is to give the viewers exactly what they want. This is what is done in intent marketing. It aims to fulfill the intent of the customer. 

Here is the list of content that you can use to make your content strategy more viable and focused on the commercial intent:

  • Product Reviews
  • Listicles
  • How-To-Guides
  • Viral Focus
  • Video Tutorials and others… 

There is so much content that you can use but your main focus should be to create content that your potential customers will search for. 

You should know that the display ads are showing up to people who are merely browsing and who have not actually done anything to search for a specific product or a brand. 

This increases the power of commercial intent as the advertisers want the ads of their products and businesses to be showcased in front of the right people who actually take a look at them and are interested in becoming leads or customers. 

Find The Correct Keywords

Keywords are not just important to generate traffic or to rank better. There is a solid link between the intent of the consumers and the conversions that the ads generate. When you are doing the keyword search so that you can alter your content strategy then you must focus on the deep intent keywords. 

The next step is to list all the deep intent keywords that you find and start creating content for each of these keywords. Take a while to figure out the intent of each keyword before you create the content that will help you target it.

Advertisers are keen to know the intent of your customers(that they will understand through the keyword search) and they will give you more money if you have the higher intent keywords that will potentially convert into transactions.

When it comes to the placement of the ads, the advertisers have two main things on their mind: Contextual Targeting and Placement Targeting.

Contextual Targeting: This is also known as keyword targeting and in this, the ads are matched with the websites with the help of some specific topics and keywords. The ads of the advertiser are showcased on the sites that have similar themes, and to the visitors who give an indication that they are actually interested in buying the product. 

Placement Targeting: Under this, the advertiser can choose certain websites where he wants his ads to be placed. This is a very focused level of advertising.

You must understand that advertisers want to place their ads on websites where these will be noticed by the right people, such as the visitors who are searching for data to make a decision regarding which brand or product to buy. 

So, how can you make the most out of the piece of information?

You have to target the high-revenue keywords that are there in your niche. Along with altering the content, you also need to focus on the organic promotion of the content. This will help you gain more click-throughs and eventually, you will be able to reach the high-valued ads. 

For example, You can create affiliate pages where you can place the ads. For every purchase that is done through a click on the affiliate link, you will earn some percentage. Also, in this case, your ads will match with the content and you will also earn good revenue through this.

How Can You Generate More Revenue With Display Ads?

When you have commercial intent in your content strategy, the display ads will perform exceptionally. But, you also need to lay some focus on the advertiser demand if you want to increase the money. 

In the initial phases of the advertising, the ad networks used to sell the ad inventory at prices that were lower than what the publisher would earn through direct sales.

But, since the world of online advertising has become super competitive, the ad networks offer the inventory at prices that are more than what was originally quoted by the publisher. This is done so that the advertisers who are ready to pay money for the best inventory can get the optimum results out of it.

The networks choose the best inventory that they sell to the advertisers at higher rates and the advertisers who have the money to buy this get the maximum engagement out of the ads.

The advertisers become satisfied and so do the publishers due to more revenue generation for both parties. And all of this is only possible if your content strategy has commercial content and if you create relevant content. 

If you are done with the content strategy, now is the time to make more revenue!

How To Monetize The Traffic By Showcasing Multiple Display Ads?

When you decide to place ads on your site, you do not want the user experience to be overpowered by the ads. This will make the users unhappy and they will not prefer to visit your website.

If there are too many ads on a website, then that website looks very cheap, and also it considerably reduces the speed of your website making the user frustrated. 

So, to avoid this you have to combine the right-sized and well-paced ads with some other things like affiliate links, sponsored posts, and some content recommendations so that you can increase your revenue as much as possible.

For instance, there are some websites that focus on a particular brand/ product and write about them. On such pages, affiliate links work the best as these allow the advertisers to showcase their product and the publisher to make the content look better. But, if the publisher inserts display ads in this, there is a chance that the competitors might bid on it. Also, the number of advertisers will be limited in this case, so the affiliate links work the best. This is how you have to alter the content strategy so that you see what is relevant and what is not. 

You have to understand that there are multiple sources along with display ads from which you can make money. But, if you overdo it then you might not be able to make money out of any of them as the users will not want to come to your website. 

If you add too many ads, then your page might look messy and unprofessional. This will increase the bounce rate(which means that people will stay on the page for a lesser time) and you will also not earn much revenue per visitor which will be unprofitable for you.

So, make sure that you keep things proper and also in order so that your users find your website attractive and so that you can easily earn money through the ads.

So Many Opportunities For You

There are so many options that are available to you when you decide to sell your ad inventory using an ad network such as ForeMedia. The best part is that you will get the best prices as there is an auction mechanism on these networks that will allow you to get a higher bidder if someone chooses your inventory.

All you have to do is match your inventory to all those high-paying premium investors who are willing to pay more money for better engagement. 

The advertisers will get more ROI and you will be able to make more money when you sell to these advertisers But, all this can only be achieved if you optimize your content strategy in the ways that are mentioned above.

Why Is Ad Placement So Essential?

If you want to generate more revenue from the ads, it is important that you adjust the placement of the ads in the mobile version of the website. At this point in time, about 52% of traffic that comes on the internet is with the help of mobile phones and these numbers are growing manifold. That is the reason why adjusting your content strategy to generate higher revenues from display ads has become the need of the hour.

If you want to earn every possible penny from AdSense then you must work with different placements to see which one works best for you. If you simply keep increasing the number of display ads then that will not be beneficial for you. You have to experiment and optimize if you want to earn more money from ads.

You need to have a tool that will help you experiment with various sizes, formats, placements, and layouts so that you check which of these are performing better. This may be a bit time consuming and it also includes trial and error but it will be worth it in the end. In some time, the results will be in front of you and all you need to do is optimize and go again.

Maximize Your Monetization Potential

ForeMedia is a trusted platform designed for maximizing your ad reach and web monetization. Enjoy easy ad integration, intuitive management, and a dedicated account manager. We prioritize user experience by filtering out inappropriate content. For advertisers, access high-quality, converting traffic to optimize ROI. Choose from multiple ad formats to enhance your campaigns. Experience the ForeMedia advantage!

Maximize Your Monetization Potential

ForeMedia is a trusted platform designed for maximizing your ad reach and web monetization. Enjoy easy ad integration, intuitive management, and a dedicated account manager. We prioritize user experience by filtering out inappropriate content. For advertisers, access high-quality, converting traffic to optimize ROI. Choose from multiple ad formats to enhance your campaigns. Experience the ForeMedia advantage!