Online businesses are flourishing these days and its lucrative money is attracting many people to try their luck. There are different types of websites that cater to different niches and solutions to unique problems. In the digital world, everyone can make a living as there are countless opportunities to make money. Website owners and publishers can earn up to millions of dollars from their website. There is no flipside if you learn how to play your cards right. But more or less, monetizing a value creating blog that has millions of organic traffic every week will be successful.

But how do you get there? Where do you start? Who should you contact and discuss your concerns with? We understand your dilemma very well and want to give you a helping hand by offering you solutions to this problem. The internet can be quite a maze when you need to get the right answers to your queries. Therefore, you must read further as we assure to equip you with the best strategies to monetize your website.

Top 8 Ways To Make Money From Your Website In 2020

We will walk you through the slow yet effective mediums from bottom to the top.

Create Your Online Community Aka Email List

You may have seen influencers and content creators are online nearly all the time. They are responding to their followers. Also sending emails, doing virtual activities and talking about the relevant things happening around them. Basically trying to do everything to keep their audiences hooked and engaged as much as possible. This audience later on goes to become a community of like-minded people, who believe in the same ideologies, speak the same languages and watch the same type of content. These people are led by the website or influencer and hence are looked up to.

You can do so with your website by creating and building a list of people or subscribers and send them emails regularly. No, I don’t mean spam them and make them go away but mails with content that will create some value for them. You can try out and experiment with different strategies of monetizing through your email list. For example, contact brands and companies that create and sell products in the same industry you write content on.

In simple terms, if you have been writing about Healthy lifestyle habits and your engaging content has attracted over a million of traffic, you can collaborate with a fitness brand and or coach to create sponsored content.

Make Money Through Hard Core E-Commerce On Your Website

E-commerce can be a great way to earn money if the kind of website you are running has space for it. You can sell our own merchandise and products to your audience. An example of this would be a cooking website that creates most of their content around utensils and cookers start selling the same cooker and cooking utensils. The site will earn lots of profit and become popular if their products have a good quality and longevity.

However, a small business/website will not make much profit from this as it takes a significant amount of time to build that kind of audience. You need to make value creating content that will build your loyal reader base who will trust all the things that you are meaning to sell.

Earn Money Consistently Through Subscription Models

Have you ever read through a site that has some really interesting articles which you can’t stop reading? But oops, a pop up tells you that you can continue reading only by subscribing to them on a monthly or yearly subscription plan. This is what earning money through subscription models mean. For this to activate, you have to create research backed content that is both factual, have no plagiarism or nonsense written to fill the pages. Besides, your target audience are from corporates and other high end industries that are looking to stay updated on the current trends and educate themselves.

This is a difficult model but if it works out, your website can be the next Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, New York Times and many others. The subscriptions are your sign of getting a stable income every month but there are challenges to run this website. For instance, you have to get in touch with industry experts and researchers from particular industries your audience belongs to. It needs to give them new information, educate them on their industries and the world at large and give them something new in every post.

Pick A Programmatic Approach

Programmatic advertising is an automated source of advertising. In the earlier times, the publisher had to do a manual buying and selling directly with the sales team. There was a lot of negotiation and complicated things that consumed the publisher’s energy and time. They used to get a code in their emails or mobile phones which they have to put on their website where they provided the inventory space for putting up ads. Nowadays, this is not the case and everything from buying to selling ads have become automated.

Through the programmatic approach, the process of negotiation and putting up ads etc is done automatically without the publisher having to get hassled in the process. Bidding is done online and this also provides a very low source of maintenance for the website.

Display Advertising Is A Great Way To Monetize Your Website

Display advertising is the best way to monetize your website for publishers. In this form of advertising, the publisher offers a space on their website to run the display ads. The space is usually at the top, on the side or at the bottom of the website. You can choose the size of the display ads from a various range, the most common being the 300×250 and 728×90. The reach for this advertisement is in millions and can display a wide range of ads.

Choose Video Ad Unites To Monetize Your Website

In 2021, if there is anything that is running high on advertisements that is videos. It is the only consuming form of multimedia that advertisers are pitching on for their reach. Advertisers pay high CPMs for video and you can promote your website and have a high return on investment. It has high engagement and helps in giving a clear cut idea to the advertisers as to where their sales are going.


In summation, trying one of these is definitely worth it as they will give a good return on Investment. Websites are a great tool to make money online and you must definitely monetize it.

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