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3 Major Advertising Trends Taking The Marketing World By Storm

3 Major Advertising Trends Taking The Marketing World By Storm

The world economy is slowly but steadily getting back up from the jolt it received in 2020. And, it changed the world of trade, commerce, marketing, and advertising. We learnt the power of digital marketing, and its importance in keeping the world of trade and commerce functional even in the face of greatest adversity. However, that’s not all that we learnt! We were introduced to some of the finest marketing and advertising tools and mediums, and got unparalleled insight into how the target audience perceives each one of them. Thanks to such amazing insights we have few emerging trends that are strong and taking the world of marketing by storm! They are yielding results, and it can be said with much certainty that these are going to be at the forefront in the coming few years at least. 

Native Advertisements

Native ads are gaining popularity. And they are becoming the favorite of the digital marketers. There is a continuous increase in the ad budget allocated to native ads as compared to any other means of advertisement. And, all these are because of the changing audience behavior. The target audience doesn’t want intrusive advertisements. Besides using ad blockers, there is an ad blindness that they have developed. Native ads are neither intrusive, nor seem like conventional advertisements. They blend with the surrounding and provide valuable input to the target audience while suggesting any product or service. Thus, they are better accepted and provide a better ROI. 

Video Advertisements 

When it comes to the attention span of the target audience, it has become a real challenge for any marketing professional. The gradually decreasing attention span, and the reluctance to read long messages, combined with the generic text advertisement blindness, have all made the task of a marketer quite difficult when it comes to getting the attention and delivering the message via ads. But, at the same time, it is being seen that video ads are much better accepted and have better results over a period of time. The consumption of videos has increased. Including advertisements at various positions within videos has become a common practice that ensures that the audience is viewing the promotion. Also, the message is much better and extensively delivered as compared to any text based promotion. 

Push Notifications

Mobile devices have opened up a new area of promotion. Mobile apps and computer based apps are allowing advertisers to deliver the promotional content directly to the target audience without being blocked by ad blockers or marked as spam messages. The best part is that the users are opting in for the notifications by themselves, and therefore there is no concern with privacy and security as well. 

Changing technology is changing the way brands and companies communicate with their audience. But, the one consistent factor is communication! Without that, there is no way ahead.