Is Your Website Ready To Start Showing Advertisements

Is Your Website Ready To Start Showing Advertisements

We all visit numerous websites on a regular basis. Whether it is for some work or simply while browsing, we all have visited at least a few websites through the day. And, if you have checked carefully, you have probably noticed all the advertisements being shown across these sites? Are they for free? Of course not! And, it looks like a great way to gain some passive income! So, you have finally decided to start your own site and include ads in it. The question is, is your site ready for that? Should you be showing ads right away? The answer is, “NO”! 

Why You Should Not Include Ads In Your Site? 

Including ads in a site, especially if it’s a brand new one, is the best way to drive your audience away. People don’t like advertisements. They find them obstructive and tiresome. Probably even you have experienced situations wherein you have left a site because you were just irritated by the ads being displayed! So, serving ads to your visitors without building a relationship with them is a sure-shot way to ensure a premature death of your site. While the ads seem lucrative from a website owner’s point of view, they are detrimental to your site’s growth. 

What Should You Focus On? 

Once you have your website ready, start focusing on the essential factor – user experience. You need to ensure that your visitors are returning to you, and that they enjoy their time on the site. That’s the only way to connect with them and make sure that your audience keeps growing. You will probably have to consider promoting a few content of the site, if not all of them, to reach out to relevant target audiences faster. Building a niche site generally makes it easier to stay on the topic. But, whatever be the concept behind your site, ensure that you are creating and posting high-quality content. Your top priority should always be building your site’s audience and creating a site that gives value. 

How To Monetize Your Website? 

Ads are not the only way to monetize your site. There are other ways as well. Native ads are gaining popularity because they don’t stand out like normal advertisements. You can check out native ad placement options in the form of sponsored content, or blogs with information about products or services, and such other means. These will gain you revenue from advertisers and marketers. There are numerous ways to create sources of revenue without having to include visual ads in your website. Affiliate marketing programs are perfect, especially for niche site owners. You will be focusing on genuine high-quality content and provide information to your visitors while referring them to the best products available. 

Besides affiliate marketing, you can also tie-up with influencers, or be part of an influencers network, to gain from the popularity of your website. Native ads are much popular with influencers networks and various businesses are employing influencers to spread the word about their product or business without investing in the conventional display ads. 

No matter which way you choose, there is no short-cut for an immediate success recipe. The baseline is creating relationships with your visitors and readers that will give you returns in future.