Will Emotional Targeting Really Work For Your Next Affiliate Campaign?

Will Emotional Targeting Really Work For Your Next Affiliate Campaign?

We, humans, are emotional beings. And no matter how much rationally we try to approach our daily lives, we tend to make our final decisions intuitively influenced by our emotions. That’s why it’s extremely important to take a person’s emotions into consideration when running ad campaigns. That’s when emotional targeting comes in.

In this article, we’re going to explain what emotional targeting is and how to make that work in your favor.

So, let’s dive in…

What Is Emotional Targeting?

Will Emotional Targeting Really Work For Your Next Affiliate Campaign?
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In the simplest words, emotional targeting is the study of understanding your customers’ emotions to figure out how emotions drive them to make a certain choice. This way, the affiliate marketers or advertisers can craft their ads in such a way that taps into the customers’ emotions to make a certain choice.

In other words, advertisers trigger a certain emotion in the customers’ minds that influence them to make a purchase decision. And according to a survey, emotional targeting may result in a gain of 31% results of the time. And that’s far better than rational targeting since it draws positive results only 16% of the time.

And the best thing about targeting emotions is that it’s not just a one-shot campaign. When you run a campaign targeting emotions, people tend to better recognize your brand. And this increases the likelihood of gaining customers who are extremely loyal to your brand increasing your brand image.

Does Emotional Targeting Really Work?

If you’re looking for a short and to-the-point answer to this question, then yes. This kind of marketing strategy indeed works. Right now, there are thousands of other marketers trying to target the same audience segment as you. So, if your ads don’t stand out and are just one of the many copies of other campaigns, then your chances are really slim.

But your ads are targeting specific emotions of your audience, your ads will not only attract more eyes but it will also make it easier for your customers to choose you over others.

How To Use Emotions In The Right Way?

Will Emotional Targeting Really Work For Your Next Affiliate Campaign?
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Now, you already know how useful targeting the emotions of your audience is. Therefore, you might think to get started with creating your campaign already. But hold on. Just because you can target a person’s emotions, doesn’t mean you will get away with cheesy stuff. You have to use emotions and optimize the campaigns in the right way.

Here are a few tips that might help you optimize your emotional targeting campaign:

  • If you want to be successful with your emotional campaigns, then you have to focus on what your customer needs. You can’t just coldly promote your product and expect it to wield a higher CTR if the customer doesn’t find anything that would solve their problems. So, instead of promoting the product itself, you should focus on how your product might help the customer.
  • Merely saying what your product or service can do for your customers isn’t nearly enough. In fact, you need to show them the result. You can do this by creating an amazing infographic or creative.
  • Although this is basic make sure you split test with targeting different emotions and see which one works best.

Follow these tips and start targeting your customer with different emotions. This way, you can rip the most benefit of your ad campaigns.